Merchandise Photo Shoot

We specialize in white background product photography for your website, online store, the Amazon marketplace, print, and more.

Photos you’ll love

Let us photograph your product the way it deserves to be shot.

Our expert team of photographers and support staff are all Los Angeles locals with a passion for creative excellence so we can carefully monitor quality and collaborate with each other to deliver the best possible images.

Ultimately, the true measure of a product photography studio comes from the quality of their work – and we like to think our work speaks for itself.

Product Photography Camera Angles


products and less
  • $50 per photo
  • Package starting from $1250
  • No Discount

Minimum number of photos to charge is 5


  • $45 per photo
  • Package starting from $3375
  • 10% Discount


  • $40 per photo
  • Package starting from $6000
  • 20% Discount


  • $25 per photo
  • Package starting from $5250
  • 50% Discount

Service limitations

  • Product size should be less than (2ft x 2ft x ft)
  • Big or oversized items
  • Clear products
  • Mirror and reflection
  • Jewelry

What We Deliver

  • High resolution 3000 x 3000-pixel (before crop) jpeg image at 300 DPI.
  • Pure white background (RGB 255,255,255) with grounding shadow or reflection, where appropriate.
  • Photo editing to remove dust, scratches, and minor defects.
  • Instant online delivery and free image storage.

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