Why Amazon Matters To Brands?


Amazon has an impressive reach of consumers.

To take advantage of that reach, setting up Amazon properly and efficiently is paramount.

How Would M2A Help Your Company?

Selling on amazon requires time and maintenance. we already know the ins and outs and can sell your products efficiently.
Spend your valuable time on your company expansion, we’ll take care of amazon

Strategic Issues For Brands


Who is creating your listing?

Who does the edits?

Is the content consistent, correct, complete and optimized?

Are images formatted properly?


Is Amazon affecting pricing off of Amazon- Brick and Mortar?

Do you have a Minimum Advertised Price?

Who is monitoring distributors?


Who is selling your products?

Are your distributors selling more effectively than you are?


Who makes sure your product details are up to date?

Is there any UPC/brand abuse?

Who is managing stock?

Example Problem Scenarios


Price Erosion

Currently, 100% of pricing on Amazon is under manufacturer’s suggested retail price



No A+ product pages, No Enhanced Brand Content, Distributer’s listing being more utilized
No Brand Page (a friendlier, brand customized, and more attractive buying experience)


Under Represented

Not all products are being sold on Amazon



Numerous Duplicate Non-Optimized Listings


Missed Sales

All products with no BUY BOX winner
No advertising

Solutions To The Problem


  • Product listing correction (duplicates removed, correct values added)
  • Optimize listings
  • Soliciting positive and repairing negative customer feedback
  • Reporting unauthorized sellers and unauthorized sellers
  • Track shipments: reserved, inbound, outbound, replenished/print proper labels
  • Creating highly effective amazon sponsored and vendor ads
  • Updating old images with multiple high quality and properly formatted images
  • Merge alike stand alone products as variations
  • Set up promotions
  • Take advantage of amazon’s customer reach

Brand Management On Amazon


  • Brand Registry / A+ Listings
  • Merge duplicate listings, correct misinformation, upload bulk inventory, and create a uniform data feed
  • Remove unauthorized sellers


Amazon Store Management


  • Optimize (SEO) product listings for better conversion and higher sales
  • Update listings, back-fill missing data (i.e. keywords, UPC, description, titles, images, etc.)
  • Create a marketing plan to increase visibility
  • Manage account activity and customer service