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Traffic is one goal that stays constants in this ever-changing world of search engine optimization and algorithms.  Sites with higher ranking on search engine, in user view, likely will receive more traffic.

M2A Solutions as a reputable SEO company helps its clients to position better versus their competitors by implementing the standards and strategies designed by expertise. Nevertheless, right white hat SEO strategy execution does not mean using a series of quick fixes for higher rankings and more traffic in short time. Indeed, reputable search engine optimization is a time consuming process which contains implementing search engine guidelines in a proper way to keep our clients out of harm.


      Our SEO Related Services:


Regardless of target market which could be local, nationwide or international customers, we typically select a fundamental set of pages to optimize and interact with your staff to administer best practices on the balance. When optimized pages be combined with best routine a site with high rankings over time is expected. As an alternative we charge our clients a monthly fee instead of a per-keyword fee like some other agencies — breadth and depth of content define relevancy of the content on which organic ranking is based on. We consider multiple factors to determine a monthly plan to fulfill your specific needs.

Audit & Analysis

M2A Solutions, Inc. as a full-service Internet marketing firm specializing in SEO, offers an exclusively website’s content evaluation. We generate a detailed custom report after sensibly analyzing your existing website content. Our Content Audit report identifies areas of content strength and weakness and recommends ways to properly adapt your website suited to its audience and its goals.


Our content and media creators provide content writing services for clients who want assistance creating new web pages. To ensure satisfaction of our clients and their customers our content creation team work closely with our clients in the writing process.  After a client interview and research session we blueprint the original web content. Next, is our SEO analyst review the content for possible optimization (for consulting clients). Then client review the content for revision/approval. Our writing team can write entire new sections of your site or just a few critical pages.

Penalty Aid

Whether your website is a victim of Google manual or algorithmic penalties, our Google Penalty Aid will identify the cause and set your website on the right track to recovery. We run an in-depth research and audit to identify the penalty which is usually related to Google’s penguin, panda and/or payday loan algorithms. By analyzing your website, we identify the deficiencies and areas that don’t meet Google’s guidelines. Throughout this detailed custom document, we will audit, identify and recover all issues of your punished website.

Basic SEO Packages

Suitable For

Businesses Who

  • Are Brand New With Low Budget
  • Have Very Low Competition
  • Are Not Ready for Main SEO Campaign Yet

Helps to setup your SEO basics and get ranking till you get ready for your aggressive marketing campaigns.

  • Booster I
  • $749One-Time
    • Discovery Interview
    • Keyword Research & Analysis
    • Editing & Optimizing Select Pages
    • Search Engine Submission
    • Google Analytics Setup
    • Google Search Console Setup
    • Contract Term: 1 Month

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Most Popular
  • Booster II
  • $1500One-Time
    • Everything in Booster I Plan Plus the Following:
    • More Extensive On Site SEO
    • Site Audit & Review
    • Link Assessment & Management
    • Off-Site SEO Activity
    • Link Building and Blogging
    • High Quality Directory Submission
    • Contract Term: 1 Month

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Advanced SEO Packages

Perfect for:

Businesses Who

  • Are Established or Brand New
  • Have Very High Competition
  • Had Prior Failed Marketing Campaigns

Helps your business to stand out amongst others in fierce competitive market.

  • Turbo SEO
  • $1500monthly
    • Standard On-Site SEO
    • Standard Off-Site SEO
    • Blogging 2 Times Per Week
    • Automated Social Media Sharing
    • Monitoring Google Index
    • Monitoring & Fixing Crawl Issues
    • Competition Research
    • Monthly Analytics Reports
    • Lease Term: 6 Months

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  • Twin Turbo SEO
  • $2500monthly
    • Everything in Turbo SEO Plan Plus the Following:
    • Aggressive On-Site SEO
    • Aggressive Off-Site SEO
    • Blogging 4 Times A Week
    • Customized Social Media Posting
    • Lead Monitoring
    • Monthly Meetings if Required
    • Lease Term: 6 Months

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Success Stories:

Dr. Elist Project:

Top Keyword(s): Penile Enlargement, Testicle Enlargement

Our Client Since 2012

Monthly Visitor Rate Increase: 1400%

Monthly Web Inquiries Increase: 4700%

Conversion Rate: Increase from 0.4% to 1.3%

  • Monthly Visitors

  • Monthly Web Inquiries

Anderson Plywood Project:

Top Keyword(s): Phenolic Plywood, Euro Color Ply

Our Client Since 2014

Monthly Visitor Rate Increase: 300%

Monthly Web Order Increase: 700%

  • Monthly Visitors

  • Monthly Web Orders

The M Salon Project:

Top Keyword(s): Brazilian Blowout Rodeo, Brazilian Blowout Beverly Hills

Our Client Since 2013

Monthly Visitor Rate Increase: 1600%

Monthly Web Order Increase: 1200%

  • Visitors Per Month

  • Web Inquiries Per Month

Most Recent Projects:

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