Google Chrome SSL Warning

Is Your Site Secure?

Google recently released the latest version of Chrome browsers, version 68. This update now shows any site not using SSL Security as Not Secure in the website address bar.


What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer, a security measure which establishes an encrypted link between the server and the individual client. It protects its visitors by encrypting the data that is transferred between you and your website, so as to not be intercepted and decoded by hackers.

You detect if a site has SSL by whether or not there is a padlock in the browser address bar or “https” the “s” indicates an SSL certificate.

Why Do I Need It?

If you are visiting a new business in person and there is a giant sign next to your front door stating “unsafe” would you want to go inside? My guess is that the majority will say no, well, the same goes for websites. You want your clients to feel safe and have the willingness to return; providing an unsafe online platform can lead to a downfall in sales, visitors, and business.

As for search engines, Google favors secure websites, an unsecured site will be ranked lower on search results compared to your secure competitors.

Heres How We Can Help You

At M2A we offer a one time SSL installation and set-up for $150 if you have already purchased your sites SSL. If you do not yet have an SSL certificate to install we offer purchasing packages starting at $50 on top of the installation fee.