Capitalizing on the Amazon Platform

Why Amazon Matters To Brands?

More than 150 million active Prime users on only! To take advantage of that reach, setting up Amazon properly and efficiently is paramount. This is the largest online U.S. market. We can also help you reach the global Amazon marketplaces.

How Would M2A Help Your Company? We

  • Optimize your Account
  • Beautify and Enrich your Listings
  • Help you Get Brand Registered
  • Create your Enhanced Listings & Amazon Store Front
  • Manage and Forecast your Inventory
  • Run and Optimize your Amazon Advertising
  • And Make you more money.
Amazon Users

Full Marketplace Management

  • Inventory Purchasing
  • Removal of Unauthorized Sellers
  • In-Depth Competitor Analysis
  • Paid Search Management
  • Custom Content + Enhanced Brand Content
  • Storefronts


  • Conversion-Based Copywriting
  • Custom Brand Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Advertising Set-Up and Management
  • Google and Social Advertising

1P Management

  • Vendor Central Management
  • Amazon Luxe Management
  • Paid Search Management
  • A+ Content Optimization
  • Storefronts

Sellers Central Management and Reporting

  • Dedicated M2A analyst will build up a dedicated marketplace strategy for your Amazon store
  • Optimization of the store performance by enhancing the product listing
  • Account monitoring and optimization, inventory forecast and follow-up
  • Bi-weekly or monthly dashboard reports and analysis of the performance
  • Beautify and enrich enhanced listings & Amazon storefront
  • Get brand registered and forecast the inventory
  • Run and optimize Amazon advertising


HeadBlade 2018 Sales Performance Graph (%)

  • 1700% Increase in 2018 sales compared to 2017
  • $1.1 Million increase in sales in 2018.


  • Algorithmic Bid Adjustments
  • Machine Learning Driven Decision Making
  • Smart Keyword Targeting
  • Sales Analytics
  • Predictive Inventory Forecasting

Distribution / Logistics

  • Managed Warehouses
  • Cold-Ship Capabilities
  • Hazmat Processing
  • Specialty Handling

International Management

  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketplace Analysis
  • Channel Strategy

Amazon PPC

  • Full management of Sponsored Products campaigns
  • Keyword/search term harvesting from automatic Sponsored Products campaigns
  • Vetting and implementation of off-Amazon traffic generation opportunities
  • Comprehensive advertising reporting
  • Gold Box/Lightning Deals
  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) campaigns

Listing Optimization

(Unpacking which search terms are most valuable to a seller’s business, as well as monitoring and increasing product discoverability, is a core aspect of long-term growth on Amazon)

    • Organic listing rank tracking
    • Product content/title analysis and enhancement recommendations
    • Reorganization of product catalog structure to tune for product discoverability
    • New Brand Registry program execution

Consult with M2A Solutions

Boost Your Marketplace Sales

Content Copywriting

Product content quality is a significant factor in influencing both organic rank and detail page conversion rates. Knowing which keywords to focus content around and having the resources to write out a copy for individual ASINs are two challenges CPC Strategy addresses

  • Identifying the contents optimization opportunities
  • Creative briefing Process to ensure that the product copy is on message
  • Rich keyword enhancement (decided by research and data)

Amazon Strategic Sales Consulting

  • Continual monitoring and evaluation of inputs that drive Buy Box ownership
  • FBA product efficiency analysis and allocation recommendations
  • Feedback/Review software management
  • New product launch strategy

M2A Solutions

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